Expense Manager for Android

What is My Expenses ?

"Expense Manager for Android" - My Expenses - is the top Personal finance managing app for android smartphones that allows you to record, track, manage and control daily expenses.

The Best Money Management app Expense Manager for Android makes monitoring of family expenses easy and allows effective Personal finance management on your smartphone; hence you save big chunks of money by controlling expenses in specific categories


myexpensesThis android finance managing app My Expenses comes with a lot of features and functionalities. The “Expense Manager for Android” not only allows you to track all of your personal finances but also gives you detailed information about which expenditure's category you spend more in order to save money. With this cool Android Money management app, everyone have the opportunity to record transactions on the go on daily weekly and on monthly basis and then monitor and analyze the expenditure patterns with the help of detailed reports graphs and charts . By controlling expenses and with effective financial management on the categories with High Cash flow, you can save reasonable amount of money.

My Expenses provides an intuitive and simple interface. The app is easy to use and adding the income and expenses is fast and easy. You can add daily expenses and incomings in the Food Expenditure, Clothing, Salary, Bills, and Other categories. You can export the data in CSV Format which you can use on your Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Ipad.


The expense tracker allows you to manage expenses and incomings with :

  • Recurrent operations with possibility to setup a reminder n hours / n days before auto insert
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Widget to quickly insert operations
  • Statistics of expenses divided by account, week, month and year with pie chart - Total expenses / Categories - and bar graph - Total expenses / Period -
  • Summary of espenses / incomings for each account
  • Search expenses and incomings by period, category, type of payment, places / shops or by amount - exact, approximate, greater than or less than -
  • Grouping of transactions per week, month, year, category or expenses / incomings
  • My expenses will give you the possibility to insert new expenses / incomings or select one of the 5 most frequent operations
  • Manage accounts: Add, edit and delete accounts
  • Possibility to choose currency for each account
  • Possibility to set a weekly or monthly expenses threshold for each account. You will be notified when this threshold is exceeded
  • Manage Categories: Add, edit and delete categories. Possibility to choose a color for each category in order to make operations list more intuitive
  • Manage Payments: Add, edit and delete types of payment
  • Manage Places / Shops: Add, edit and delete types of places / shops
  • Possibility to add new Places / Shops while inserting or editing operations
  • Possibility to add new Payments while inserting or editing operations
  • Possibility to add new Categories while inserting or editing operations
  • Option to hide the "Payment" field from new operation page
  • Option to hide the "Place / Shop" field from new operation page
  • Set a password to access the application in order to make your data confidential
  • Set a security question (in case you forget login password)
  • Create and restore backups of your data on the SD card or Dropbox
  • Export data to Excel or CSV format to your SD card


Available languages:

  • English (Default)
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Polish


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